Summer Cash Goes Fast, So Here's How We're Staying in Budget

byMeredith Morris


June 5, 2019 .2 min read

Keeping track of your financial habits is critical, and each month is a chance to start fresh and tie up any loose ends with your money.

Keep in mind that every month looks a little different, so naturally, you might spend more money in some areas than you did last month, and you might save in areas this month that you weren’t able to save before.

It’s all about finding that balance with where your money is going, and we think these tips will help you as you financially prepare for June.

1. Get Your Monthly Budget In Order

Regardless of what season or month you’re in, creating your monthly budget is important and sticking to that budget will help you achieve any financial goals that you’ve set for yourself.

Once you get the hang of sticking to the budget that you’ve created, get into the habit of editing it at the beginning of each month to suit your needs. Here are some important questions you may want to ask yourself when making adjustments:

  • Do you have a few doctors appointments this month? - If so, consider setting some extra money aside for wellness payments.
  • Are you going to be driving a lot in June? - If so, set aside a little bit more money for gas this month.

Taking a look at these details will help you create, stick to, and tweak your budget, as you see fit.

2. Graduations + Weddings

June is a big month for graduations and weddings!

Whether you have a child graduating, getting married, or if you’re just an attendee, you’re going to want to set aside some extra cash for these events. Make sure you add this into your monthly budget and try to save money along the way where you can.

Double-check your closet before running out for a new outfit. Or if you do buy a new outfit, try to wear it to more than one of your upcoming events. Being intentional about how you’re spending your money on these events will help you allocate your money.

3. June Vacations

Summer is here and so is vacation time!

Chances are if you have a summer vacation planned, you’ve already budgeted for significant expenses like where you’re staying and the costs to get there. However, there are other costs associated with these summer trips, even if it’s a little staycation. Make sure that you’re setting aside a reasonable amount of money for the little parts of the getaway, from anything like meals out to extra sunscreen.

What items do you have on your June Money Checklist? We’d love to hear from you!