Your Mom Deserves a Diamond but You Can Only Spend a Dime

5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Make Mother's Day Special

by Meredith Morris

Financial Frequency. myFamily

May 8, 2019 .3 min read

It’s that time again! It’s time to start thinking about momma [insert last name here] and all the ways you can show her that you love her this Mother’s Day.

But if your mother is like most moms, she’s probably the type to claim that she never wants or needs anything, but of course, when you show even the littlest amount of thought on her account, she’s completely overjoyed.

So, how will you remind your mom this year that you love her and that you always appreciate her, no matter the day?

myWorth took the liberty of coming up some budget-friendly Mother’s Day ideas to help you show your mother how much you care.

Check out our five budget-friendly ways to make Mother’s Day extra special:

1. It’s the Little Things

Here’s an opportunity to fill your Mom’s day up with all the little things that matter.

If your mother has a favorite coffee, now is the time to stock her up. And if she loves flowers, opt to pick her up a beautiful bouquet at places like the farmers market, Trader Joe’s, or Produce Junctions, as they are more likely to have reasonable prices. Keep in mind that most places tend to increase their prices around this day, so try to shop as smart as possible.

2. DIY

With everyone leading such busy lives today, in this day and age, it’s easier and faster to write a quick email or send an ecard rather than taking the time to write something by hand. With that, handmade cards hold more significance today.

Your mother will truly appreciate the time you took to not only write something by hand but also the time you took to craft a card together all on your own.

And if you’re still on the fence about making a card, remember that handmade cards hold more meaning to the recipient and is by far much more unique and personal than a store-bought card.

But if you’re looking for another creative DIY option, consider taking inspiration from Edible Arrangements.

Instead of purchasing directly from Edible Arrangements, create your own. Check out Pinterest for some amazing DIY tutorials on how to make your own.

By creating your own edible arrangement, not only are you saving money but it’s an opportunity to show your love for your mother through your time, effort and creativity spent.

3. Something You Can Do Together

Sometimes a little time spent together means more than any material item ever could.

If your mom likes to cook or bake, grab some ingredients at the store and offer to make her favorite dish with her.

If she enjoys working out, try a workout class at a new studio together. And when looking into classes to try, check to see if the gym/studio offers a free class for first-time participants.

And if you’re still stumped for ideas, remember that no matter what you decide to do with your mom, taking the time to be with her and enjoying the day will mean the world to her.

4. A Bite to Eat

Taking your mom out to eat is always a fun option!

A lot of restaurants offer Mother’s Day specials so finding a reasonable deal should be the task in mind. To remain budget-friendly, consider Groupon. Currently, Groupon has some great deals that are explicitly tagged for Mother’s Day. When searching, be sure to filter your search based on the experience, item or meal you’re looking for.

5. If Your Mom Is Away

Let’s face it. Not all moms are close by. Some might be out of town for work or just live states away, so spending Mother’s Day together might not be an option. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be just as personal.

To show your mother, you care and always will, grab some of her favorite treats at the store and put together a care package, you know, the kind she used to send while you were away at camp or school. It’s time to return the favor!

For some inspiration, check out Pinterest. You’ll be surprised just how much happiness this little box can bring, especially when she can’t be with you on the day.