Bringing Childhood Cancer to Light

by Kate Hynson

Financial Frequency. myNews

September 23, 2019 .2 min read

“Your child has cancer.” These are words that no parent ever wants to hear, and unfortunately, these words change what life looks like for thousands of parents and their children each year. 

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. This month, myWorth is joining organizations around the world in bringing this disease to light with the hope that by doing so, more research can be done, cures developed, and lives saved. 

The Heartbreaking Statistics

In the United States alone, 43 children are diagnosed with cancer each day and over 15,000 are diagnosed each year. Cancer is the leading cause of childhood death in the U.S., taking the life of one out of every eight children diagnosed. 

Simply stated, a childhood cancer diagnosis is life-changing. Although 84 percent of those diagnosed do survive, 60 percent of survivors suffer from long-term side effects. These effects can affect their developmental growth as a result of the level or types of treatments they’ve received to cure their cancer. 

Developmental growth is only one of several long-term side effects that childhood cancer survivors may have to deal with after their battle with cancer. They are 15 times more likely to die from new cancers down the road than someone who did not have cancer as a child, and seven times more likely to die of heart problems. Information shared by St. Baldrick’s Foundation has revealed that by the age 45, 80 percent of childhood cancer survivors will have endured severe and potentially life-threatening conditions. In addition to that, over 95 percent have or is currently coping with other lifelong health problems. 

Lend a Helping Hand

There’s no denying how devastating childhood cancer is. But there are ways that you can help children and their families who are walking through cancer. Maybe you’ve heard some opportunities to donate to childhood cancer research or to families who are facing substantial medical expenses that come with cancer treatments. If you are looking to donate to help childhood cancer research, you can check out the donation process for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital -- one of the leading children’s hospitals in the United States.

Another way to show your support this month is to sign up for a race that supports finding an end to childhood cancer.

If you decide that you’re not able to donate in these ways, take a look at some of the corporate partners of St. Jude or other hospitals. You might find that the places you’re already shopping at are supporting the fight to end childhood cancer by donating a percentage of every purchase they receive. 

Donating might not always feel financially possible. Remember that donating money isn’t the only way to show your support, but that it is possible through being financially intentional and giving as you’re able to. myWorth is sharing some tips for you to help building giving back into your financial plan. It will help to change others’ lives and by doing that you’re likely to find that you’ll feel good, too.