Detoxes Are All The Rage, Right? Here's One For Your Calendar

byKate Hynson


August 9, 2019 .3 min read

1) Cut Out The Weight

What we mean is... at this point in your life you might find that your calendar is filling up at a rate that's more than you can keep up with. It's filled to the brim and practically overflowing. 

Are you finding that your calendar is filled with social events with friends, happy hour with coworkers or extra-curricular activities for your kids? While these are all great things to have on your schedule, it just might be too much. And having too much on your plate can lead to unnecessary stress. So, at some point, something might have to go! 

So, take some time to reflect on what’s weighing you down. If you’re feeling pulled in a million directions and being held back from what you’d really like to do with your time, reconsider all that you’re adding to your plate.

When reconstructing your schedule, think about your priorities and goals. Remember, not every night out with your friends is crucial.

As you start to remove the things that seem to add stress and pull you away from being present, you might begin to notice yourself become more at peace with your finances. Yes, your finances. We say this because, as you start to cut out social events with your friends, you'll notice the slight increase in funds you have, allowing you to put away for something else you've been meaning to but couldn't find the extra funds to do so.

2) AutoPay Where You Can 

Setting reminders and alarms to remind yourself to pay for cable, electricity, or even rent can add extra stress into your life. T0 avoid missing the payment dates for those necessary bills and adding something else onto your to-do list, try setting up AutoPay. This will allow the payments to come out of your account automatically, instead of having to do it manually each month. 

In addition to that, setting up an automatic payment helps you to get an extra bit of time back! You will want to be sure that you check to make sure the payments are correct.

Also, make sure that you update your accounts with any changes like new card information, or cancel a scheduled payment if you decide to eliminate something like cable. Checking in on these things might take a few minutes now, but it will save you a future headache of calling to get your bill corrected or paying more than intended. 

3) Feeling Secure in Your Financial Protection

Feeling confident in your financial protection for the future will allow you to live in the moment, as you’ll feel more secure in your finances. If you’re carving out some time for mindful moments this month, it might be a good opportunity to check in on your financial protection. 

Being financially secure for your future also means that you’re saved from future worries if tragedy strikes. You can’t control tragedy, but you can control your financial security. If you’ve never looked into life insurance or disability insurance, now might be a great time to do so. 

Scheduling a meeting with your financial adviser might be the best mindful moment you could give yourself this month. 

4) Make Room for You

We’ve added self-care to the top of our to-do list! Remember, it’s hard to pour from an empty cup; it’s going to be hard to care for others if you haven’t taken time to fuel yourself. Try starting with a few minutes each day to do something for yourself. 

Putting your self-care as a priority doesn’t have to be a financial burden. Reading a book, adding some time in your day for a power nap or a walk outside might be all that you need to feel at peace.