Considering a
change in your

Research shows that 9 out of 10 women are either seriously or potentially considering a career change. Of course... just because it's a common thought, it doesn't mean it's an easy decision to make.

is the change worth the impact?

There are many valid reasons for wanting to change jobs or careers, but
whatever your particular reason, before you make a change, there are a
number of things you may want to consider.


Do you really need a
new career or will a
promotion suffice?


How much do you need
to make? A new career
can mean you take a
pay cut.

Find out from For What Its Worth

what you should consider before making a major job or career change,
what the impact could be and how to make it all happen
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We believe in celebrating life's imperfections and encouraging long term growth and introspection. Translation: we're not going to tell you to ditch your avocado toast to meet your financial goals.