It's Wedding Season and We're Here to Help You Not Go Broke

byMeredith Morris


July 9, 2019 .4 min read

When you hear the word “wedding," what do you think of?

Do you think of dancing, good food, and glamorous outfits? Or do you think, “how much is this going to cost me?"

Or maybe it’s a little bit of both?

As fun and joyous as weddings are, let’s be honest, they can get a bit pricey. It’s not exactly one of those opportunities where you feel like you can save money. Even the smallest, most intimate weddings can cost thousands of dollars. But with all that said, it would be nice to leave it to the bride, groom and their respective families to dish out the big bucks. After all, we’re just guests. Right?

But truth be told, the more extravagant the wedding, the pricer they become, even for us guests. Luckily, there are a ton of ways that you can cut down costs and save money. Here are a few tips to keep weddings (as a guest) as budget-friendly as possible:

1. Your Outfit

Visit the archives of your closet.

It can be pretty tempting to want to buy a new outfit for every wedding you’re attending. After all, the feeling of slipping on a brand new dress, along with some shoes and a sparkling clutch will make you feel like a million bucks!

But it also might feel like it’s costing you a million bucks, and is that honestly really worth it?

Probably not.

Remember, you’re just a guest. You’re not the bride or groom. There’s no need to spend a fortune. 

With that in mind, feel free to pull an outfit from the archives of your closet. Repeating a dress for a special occasion is more than okay, especially if you already spent a pretty penny on the dresses currently sitting in your closet. Here’s where you can get your money’s worth!

Matching your dress with a different pair of heels, jewelry, and switching up your hairdo are simple yet easy ways to make you feel like you’re wearing something new and different.

Rent it

If you’re not into wearing something that you already own, consider renting a dress instead of buying!

Rent the Runway is a company that allows you to rent accessories and designer dresses for your special event, not to mention it’s a company founded by two remarkable female entrepreneurs! Although it’s nice to have a cute new dress for each occasion that you’re going to, you’ll save a lot of money by renting your dress instead + in the process, you’ll keep your closet from getting too cluttered with items that you’ll only wear a handful of times!

2. Your Reservation

For the sake of cost, if you’re attending a wedding, ditch hotel expenses and opt for a much more cozy, comfortable, and cost-efficient reservation like an Airbnb. It’s a real opportunity to save money!

With Airbnb, you won’t have to worry about not being able to check in until a particular time, and you can even find coupons online using Business Insider or RetailMeNot.

Airbnb is also great if you know another couple or several couples going. Share a place to stay and split the costs!

If you do, however, decide to stay at a hotel in the area, be sure to check for hotel blocks that the bride and groom have reserved. This is usually given to the bride and groom at a discounted rate, so you want to be sure that you’re paying that price and not full price for the room.

3. Your Gift to the Bride & Groom

There are a lot of ways to give a great gift without spending your savings!

Before attending the wedding, check out all of the registries that the bride and groom have created – you are bound to find something on one of these that fits what you are willing and able to spend on the wedding gift.

Typically, there are opportunities to go in on a gift, as well! So, if you know other people going to the wedding, ask about collaborating on a gift for the lovely couple. Chances are, your friends will be glad you asked because it’s a great way to save money, not just for you but for everyone involved. 

4. Plan Ahead

This helps save money in so many parts of life – planning ahead.

The sooner you look at prices of places to stay and flight tickets if you’ll need them, the more time you’ll have to put the money aside that you’ll need to spend for the wedding.

Planning ahead will allow you to build this into your budget, and building this into your budget will take away the stress that comes with overpaying for a place to stay, airfare, or even the money that you’ll need to spend on a gift. Planning will also allow you to think of all the little things that tend to add up along the way.

5. It’s Okay to Say “No".

Remember, you don’t have to say yes to everything.

If you’re at a time in your life where it feels like everyone is getting married, it’s okay to decline the invitation. You can still get the couple a gift for their wedding without the costs associated with attending.

But if you plan to attend several weddings, make sure to budget for them, repeat some attire and plan as far out as possible.