It's Your Year! Check Our Tips on How to Make This Year Better

by Ande Frazier

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October 9, 2018 .2 min read

We are always looking to make major changes, like going to the gym, eating better, getting a new job, and so on. But are these changes really going to make us happy? We strive to change our lives, but what we need is to change our perspective. This year, decide to look inward and make small adjustments that will make you happier. Learn to love what you already have and not to chase what you don’t. So here are some suggestions for having a great year.

Finish What You Start

Strive to read all those books that you have left half finished. Wear the clothes that you already have instead of buying new ones. Make dinner with the random things that are in your fridge. Call the people you keep meaning to catch up with. Finish a passion project that you have been thinking about for years.

Appreciate Y-O-U

Instead of being critical of yourself, start giving yourself some credit for what you have. Strive to appreciate your body for the amazing things it can do, like getting you up in the morning, watching your favorite show, or hugging your family. Instead of being critical of yourself for things that you cannot do, start appreciating the things that you can do.

Cease Judgement

Do a judgment detox (thank you, Gabrielle Bernstein, Judgement Detox). Stop judging people, and yourself, but rather appreciate people for what they bring to the table. Instead of looking at things as a weakness, look at how it can be a strength. It’s not up to us to judge or fix people, but rather appreciate them for who they are.

Pace Yourself

We need to slow down and stop rushing through life. Women are always looking ahead at what we need to do, and what needs to get done, rather than being in the moment. In 2018, let’s take it slow. Let’s make relaxation and personal health a priority.  Be more mindful and present in your life. There should be intention behind everything that we do. Remember, it’s not about quantity it’s about quality. Let’s all make a pact to stop complaining about what isn’t working, and enjoy what is great. This is the year of appreciation and positivity  - let’s stop to smell the roses.