When Your New Job Makes You Realize Something Horrible About Your Past

And Makes You Feel Really Stupid

bySheri Howell


July 25, 2019 .3 min read

How’s that for a grabber headline?!  Well, it happened to me.

I have been all over the world for work.  I worked at MTV for many years (VP Music & Talent…to say that was a fun job would be an understatement), then ran my own branded content business.  My jobs took me to London with the Foo Fighters, Europe with NiN, Korea with will.i.am for Intel, Berlin and Australia with Hugh Jackman and Donna Karan, Bogota, Mexico City, Paris…just about everywhere you can dream of going (with someone else footing the bill). 

I’m a very buttoned up person.  I’m meticulously detailed, overly cautious, an over-planner and chronically over-insured.  During all that travel, I was sure I was covered if anything were to happen to me—either by my health insurance, or corporate coverage, or through my platinum credit card…

But when I started working at Medjet, I was horrified to find out that I had been wrong.

For years I had been wrong. And if anything had happened to me—if I became ill, injured, hospitalized, or disappeared— I actually had zero safety nets in place. 

Your health insurance does not work overseas. While your company’s BTA (Business Travel Accident policy) may cover illness and injury when you travel for work, it does not cover your tacked-on personal travels (I was a “bleisure travel” addict), nor will it necessarily get you all the way home if you are hospitalized. 

Travel insurance (which I never took out), only gets you to the “nearest acceptable facility” if you fall ill or have an accident, and that could leave you stuck in a hospital very far from home. I also discovered that my fancy credit card, which boasted a host of travel benefits (so I thought I didn’t need travel insurance), only covered me while I was actually on the plane I bought the ticket for…ie the second I stepped off the “common carrier” I was no longer covered. That was a jaw-dropper in the “how did I not know that” department. 

Working here, I now see (or rather pay attention to) story after story about people stuck in foreign hospitals, despite having travel insurance, whose families have had to start GoFundMe pages to raise the $30,000-$180,000 to get them transported home for recovery (by the way, a GoFundMe page should not be your backup plan).  

I see stories of people who were victims of violent crime while traveling, or worse, just disappeared, whose family had no idea who to call, or where to even start. Those especially haunt me.  Ubers in a foreign country (sometimes just foreign city) have always made me nervous, but I didn’t always double check that the driver knew my name. I traveled to Bogota for work once, and had two clients I was meeting yell at me profusely because I had walked from the hotel using my iPhone map to navigate.  When I realized what a target that made me, in not the safest city in the world, I actually broke out in a sweat. If something bad had happened, I have no idea who my own family would’ve called.   

So, my “wish I knew then” advice to you here is this:

Whether you are traveling for work or vacation, it is paramount to understand the basic coverages you have in place, the differences on how each coverage works, and where they fall short.  Not knowing could endanger both your life savings and your life.

I would then highly recommend you look into MedjetHorizon membership. It provides air medical transport to your own hospital at home, and 24/7 crisis response to a broad range of security threats (including violent crime, disappearance, terrorism/political threat, wrongful detention, natural disaster and more). It picks up where your BTA or travel insurance leaves off, and for about $xxx per year, it’s well worth it. If something bad does happen, you have someone to call, where you are not a claim number, you’re a member, and we treat you that way.

myWorth has just selected our program as a benefits provider, and we offer myWorth members a discount: Medjet.com/myWorth

I know this post may seem like an overzealous sales piece for Medjet, but honestly, I am only here marketing it because I was the person who needed their coverage the most but nobody had ever told me about it. I’m here hoping to change that for you.