8 Money Questions To Ask Yourself While Navigating Your Divorce

by Ande Frazier

Financial Frequency. myFamily

October 1, 2018 .2 min read

Life is hectic and often comes at us 100 mph. And very often, this makes it is easy to put off making important decisions, especially those that involve money. For many women, these types of decisions are often put off until something happens that escalates the need to make a decision quickly. The challenge with this approach is that making a decision in the throws of a life event can lead to mistakes or hasty decisions.

One of the biggest and most stressful transitions a woman can go through is getting a divorce. And regardless of what the reason for the divorce is, going through it can be tough.  It can be especially stressful when you add in having to make decisions around money. Since there are so many things to know and consider, we want you to feel like you have a partner, a resource, a friend you can talk to.  That is where myWorth comes in. Don’t you deserve a financial future that is aligned with your value? Your worth?

That’s why we launched myworthfinance.com  To provide an online platform for women during times of transition, like divorce, or going back to work after having kids, starting that first job or the loss of a spouse/partner. By growing a large community of women who can guide and learn from each other, we can work together to all be more empowered when it comes to taking control of our money.

Here are some things myWorth will help you consider during your divorce:

  1. What should you do with your 401k? What about your ex’s 401(k)? Do you have a right to any of that money?
  2. How is your credit affected by divorce?
  3. What your alimony plan should look like and how to avoid pitfalls that shorten the time you get that money?
  4. What you should be asking your financial adviser
  5. How to navigate your retirement plan post divorce
  6. What you should do with your health insurance
  7. What you should consider when asking for child support
  8. How you can relieve some stress during this stressful time

Women are different, and so are their financial planning needs. Whether it’s finding the right financial professional, answering your questions around money, or providing you with the tools you need to make your move, the myWorth team has your back.