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Our Favorite Podcast Episodes of 2019

by Meredith Morris

Financial Frequency. myInspiration

December 9, 2019 .3 min read

Whether it was for personal or professional growth, money advice, relationship advice, or just something that made us laugh, we wanted to give you a rundown of our favorite podcast episodes of this year. Go back and take a listen to some of the best of 2019, because what’s better than listening to a good podcast?

Goop: The Soul Of Money 

Global Activist and author of The Soul of Money, Lynne Twist sits down with Goop’s chief content officer Elise Loehnen for a conversation about our money culture. Twist talks about how money was created, why we buy into, how it’s failing to serve us, and how we can change it. She also talks about the three toxic myths of scarcity and redefines our sense of prosperity and abundance. 

Why We Loved It: So many of us, no matter what our wealth is, have a strained relationship with money. Lynne Twist shares a different perspective on why money makes us feel the way it does, why it’s so much more than a piece of paper, and how it came to be that way. Twist dives into why having “enough” is not an amount of money but a state of being, and she wants to help us all get there. We love a conversation about money that goes far past numbers.

Girl Boss Radio with Sophia Amoruso: Refinery29 Co-Founder, Piera Gelardi, On How She Cultivates Creativity Every Single Day

Refinery29 Co-Founder Piera Gelardi talks about being a new mom, celebrating wins, practicing self-compassion, and expressing emotions in the workplace. Piera talks about growing up in a small town in Maine to founding a major media company, what she has learned about taking risks along the way, and how motherhood has made her even more creative than ever before.

Why We Loved It: We’re all looking to bring more creativity into our lives, and hearing how motherhood brought that to Piera is not only inspiring but we know many can relate. And what can’t we take away from hearing how Gelardi and her cofounder changed the face of women’s media can look like? You don’t want to miss her thoughts on delegating, inspiring creativity, and what motherhood taught her about being productive.

So Money: Claire Wasserman

Claire Wasserman, founder of Ladies Get Paid, talks about how we can help women negotiate for equal pay and power in the workplace and discusses how Ladies Get Paid came to be. 

Why We Loved It: Two of our favorite ladies! Ladies Get Paid is a company that “provides the tools, resources, and community to help women negotiate for equal pay and power in the workplace”. Claire and Farnoosh hit on everything that we love - money, gender equality, and women kicking a**. 

Secrets of Wealthy Women-  Marianne Harrison: An English Major Turned Finance CEO

Marianne Harrison, first female chief executive of John Hancock tells WSJ's Veronica Dagher about how she got into her positions in one of the largest life insurers in the United States. They also chat about how she landed a big pay raise and how she's increasing diversity at her company.

Why We Loved It: Life insurance is a must in any good financial plan, and we love seeing a female CEO taking charge. It’s a great story about the importance of life insurance and how women can rise to the top ranks. 

Bad with Money with Gaby Dunn: Student Loan Advice from NJ Secretary of Higher Ed Zakiya Smith Ellis

Zakiya Smith Ellis, a millennial who's also the Secretary of Higher Education for New Jersey, and she talks with host Gaby Dunn about how college debt has gotten so out of hand. They also chat about making community college free, the tricky things universities do to make students feel like they're getting a "deal" on tuition, and the freedom of giving up on a "dream school".

Why We Loved It: With college debt being a major concern for many millennials, it’s amazing to see one taking a stand and doing something about it in government. She gives great tips about what to look for when applying to schools and gives you the knowledge to make smart financial decisions. 

Sooo Many White Guys: Phoebe and Reese Witherspoon Vote for Themselves

Phoebe talks to Reese Witherspoon about the newest season of Big Little Lies, the gender pay gap in Hollywood, and a funny story about Reese parking Denzel Washington’s Porsche when she was just an intern. 

Why We Loved It: Two words - Reese Witherspoon. This episode is pure fun! It’s so amazing to see women coming together in Hollywood and fighting for equal pay on such a large, public stage.