Sticking With It

The Best Podcasts for Your New Year's Resolutions

by Meredith Morris

Financial Frequency. myInspiration

January 21, 2020 .2 min read

Did you set your New Year's Resolutions? What have you started doing to work towards this goal? A few resolutions of mine in 2020 are to save more money and do more to help the environment. I want to be much more intentional about how I spend my money, and make sure I’m reaching my savings goal. And I want to be much more intentional around buying things that are harming the environment. 

It’s easy to say to yourself, “Oh, I want to save” or “I want to help stop global warming”, but it’s much harder to actually do that. So I decided to educate myself a little bit more on both of these topics. And my favorite way to learn these days is from a podcast. 

Whether or not your resolution was to save more like mine is, I put together a list of some of my favorite podcast episodes to help you stick to your New Year’s Resolutions in 2020.

She Makes Money Moves: Open Door Fund

This is a newer podcast by Glamour and iHeartRadio that is helping to open the door for women to talk about their relationships with money. There’s power in talking about money, and She Makes Money Moves is helping us join the conversation. In this episode, expert Nicole Lapin talks about savings accounts verses investing and how it can make a huge difference in your retirement. She gives tips on how to make investing less intimidating, and what we can do to up our savings game.

Life Kit: How to Have a Good Weekend

Life Kit by NPR is an amazing podcast. You can find episodes about anything from how to start a book club to the best way to remove stains. This episode was especially great because everyone is suffering from burnout and stress, and having a good weekend is more important than ever. Instead of running errands, catch up on work, and sleep, this podcast helps you find restorative ways to actually relax and have fun. Like putting down your phone! Great one to start the new year off right.

Climate One: Inconspicuous Consumption - The Environmental Impact You Don't Know You Have

One thing most of us struggle with is the overwhelming feeling of “what can I do?” when it comes to climate change. Or even thinking “will it make a difference?”. This episode dives into what we can do on a smaller scale to help combat climate change. Changing small things like what we wear and how we eat can make an impact. This podcast is great for those who want to do something to help but aren’t sure how.