Our CEO on Her Favorite Mindful Detox Practices

byAnde Frazier


August 1, 2019 .3 min read

Detoxes are all the rage right now. Juice cleanse? Fasting detox? Whole 30? Chances are either you or one of your friends have tried these out. While detoxing all the yucky stuff out of your system doesn’t tickle, the after-effects are usually pretty great.  You have more energy, think clearer, and feel lighter.  

Just like with mindfulness, emptying out all negative thoughts and endless to-do’s can be a great jump start to think with more clarity, positivity, and presence.  

The Technology Detox

One of the best ways to start a “mind-cleanse” is to put down the technology. I know, I know, it seems like everyone is talking about doing a digital detox, but seriously, taking a break from all the stimulation we get from technology lets us detach and be more present in the moment.

One thing to try is not engaging in any online activity at least an hour before bed. You’ll find you sleep better (who doesn’t want that?) and start to realize life goes on and you can always catch up on those cat videos tomorrow.  

The Social Detox

Just like taking a break from technology, it is perfectly fine to take a break from being socially active. For all the FOMO you might have, you will survive not being out for a night or two, I promise.  

The great thing about choosing to miss out is that you can plan an evening of self-reflection, reading, watching that Netflix series you put off, or catch up on some much needed zzz’s (again, who doesn’t want that??). You might even consider going for a walk or taking an evening yoga class for some extra self-care. The goal is to be quiet and let your mind slow down and rest.  Think of it as the JOMO (joy of missing out) for your mind.  

The Judgement Detox

Now, this is a tough one but comes from Gabrielle Bernstein’s book Judgment Detox.  In her book, Gabby talks about paying attention to the times in the day that we make judgments about people, what they do, what they say, how they behave. Just the simple act of becoming aware of when you are judging can create an "a-ha" moment. 

You can start this detox by first noticing when you tend to judge. How does that make you feel? Acknowledge it and perhaps even journal what you experience.  After a few days of this, you can decide to catch yourself when you are starting to judge and choose to do something different.  

When you stop judging others, you create an opportunity to notice when you’re judging yourself.  

In many cases, self-judgment can be the most critical of them all.  Taking a break from this by acknowledging it, choosing to stop it, and even replacing that with a positive self-talk message can really provide your mind with a thought cleanse.  

You can’t begin to get rid of that destructive voice in your head until you get fully present to when and how they come up. What is the circumstance? What sensations are evoked in your body? These are all signals that something isn’t right. Ask yourself, would you talk to your best friend this way?  Then why are you talking to yourself this way? Where does this judgment stem from?

Mindfulness & Money 

Creating a space of mindfulness also will affect your ability to make good money decisions. Old patterns of thinking influence many of the decisions we make — things we have created along the way through our experiences and environments.  

Many of these are subconscious patterns that have been formed over time. When you start to slow down, take an inventory of all the things you have been saying to yourself. The judgments and outside stimulation from technology will begin to quiet, allowing for that openness to evaluating your thoughts more deeply.   

This mindset is crucial when spending money or choosing where to invest. But more importantly, it gives you time to focus on your core values, goals and actions. Giving you the freedom to choose powerfully, rather than react suddenly.  This newfound space of stillness and quiet might even let you breathe just a little deeper so you can let go and be in the moment.

Now, this isn’t going to be easy, but just like those fasting or juice detoxes, your mind (and wallet) will thank you.