The End of an Era

Launch Yourself Into 2020 with Thoughts and Words that Fuel Yourself

byAnde Frazier


December 2, 2019 .3 min read

As we end the first decade of the 21st century, let’s acknowledge this as a time of awakening and seeing the things that have been holding us back.  Since “you can’t change what you don’t acknowledge”, like Dr. Phil said, recognizing the thoughts we have and the things we say to ourselves are a critical first step.  

What is even more important, is not just becoming aware of these things, but sharing these insights with others. We as women have come together to support, encourage and stand together to address so many important issues during the last few years.  

We have seen this first hand within the myWorth community, as women have shared their financial challenges, mindsets, personal journeys and feelings about money in our facebook groups, at our live events, and throughout our social posts.  

Whether it has been talking about the drowning debt of student loans, inability to save money or the decisions about how to reboot life after the end of a relationship, women of all ages are talking about the challenges they are facing when it comes to money.  

The wage gap issue is taking center stage, with women becoming activists in a whole new way, fighting for equal pay and an end to the pink tax.  As we embark on a new decade, we must keep the momentum going, by not just advocating for our rights, but also for taking control of our own personal finances.  

When we discover what is holding us back, we can identify it and reframe it to something that is inspiring not defining. As we end this decade, it is time to put old ways of thinking behind us and launch into being purposeful around our thoughts and our actions.  

Paying close attention to what we say to ourselves about money. Are we telling ourselves positive things or continuing the cycle of blame and shame? Are we participating in the judgment of others based on our assumption of their wealth or are we putting judgment aside to focus on the character of the person? Are we judging ourselves alongside the judging of others? Or are we able to look at our own mistakes, successes, and choices with the eyes of forgiveness and acceptance?  

These thoughts all contribute to a mindset of inadequacy and unworthiness. How we talk to ourselves can be the catalyst that propels us forward into changing our thoughts, being mindful of our feelings and create actions that set up on a path to a renewed sense of freedom and ownership.  The next time you catch yourself saying something negative or destructive, stop, forgive yourself and choose to say something different.  

Forgiveness allows us to give ourselves compassion and to demonstrate to ourselves that perfection is an illusion. Then you can say something different that calls you forward to a new way of thinking, feeling and doing.  

Say something that lights you up, generates a new frequency that you can operate in to give you the energy and confidence to launch that new business, leave that old relationship, start that new passion project, save the money you want for your future, pay off that debt that has been keeping you down.  

Launch yourself into the next decade with the motto of making yourself 1% better each day. The only you have to compete with is yourself. Each and every step is a path towards achieving the financial freedom and personal transformation you have been destined to achieve.