This Cash Queen is Taking Side Gig to a Whole New Level

byRomana Hai


August 27, 2019 .2 min read

Ariel LaFond got an amazing start to her career when she landed an opportunity in New York City working for PwC - a global firm specializing in audits, assurance, tax, and consulting services. More specifically, she received a chance to work for their high network individual tax group. In layman's terms, that meant her clients were extremely high-profile billionaires. 

And while the opportunity was filled with tremendous value and experience, Ariel always knew it wasn't her forever career experience. She always saw herself working for a smaller firm. 

That said, it wasn't long after that when Ariel started at PwC that she found herself helping friends with their accounting needs. Her friends found comfort in working with Ariel on their financial matters. Why? Because she was far more relatable than mommy and daddy's accountant.

Ariel offered an array of services ranging from budget creation to contract reviews and soon began to obtain clients based on referral.

"My friends starting a business, can you help with the bookkeeping and taxes?"

From there, things snowballed.

That's when was born. When Ariel thought of the name, she knew she had to run with it. It was catchy and something she knew Millennials would be intrigued by. With that, she started to educate her generation in hopes of bridging the gap between finance and Millenials. 

And when it comes to working with her clients, Ariel considers herself an "outsourced CFO" because she goes far beyond traditional bookkeeping. Ariel establishes budgets and helps determine the best financial decisions a company can make so they can grow.

To watch the full interview featuring Ariel LaFond, click here

At the 7:30 mark, you can watch our CEO, Ande Frazier, ask Ariel some really interesting questions around finance, Millenials and the perspective and relationship they have with money.