Let's Stop Letting the Word "Money" Make Us Want to Crawl Under the Covers

byAnde Frazier

Series. HOT Qs

July 9, 2019 .1 min read

We asked, you answered. What kind of emotions does money bring up for you? Fear, joy, jealousy? You might be toting more emotional financial baggage than you think. Let’s unpack it together.

We got answers all over the spectrum, from fear to anger to stress, money seems to bring up a lot of negative emotions. Why is that?

We associate money with scarcity. We think to ourselves “there’s not enough" or “I’m not doing enough", whether that be savings, investing, or just knowing that after bills are paid money is tight.

Money and the fear and stress and emotions that it brings up actually hold us back from really achieving financial success. The fear can hold us back from going for the job we really want, or downsizing to a house we can better afford, or anything comes with the stress of change and risk. 

We’re not only worried about what could happen, but we are also worried about what other’s think of us. Take the judgment out of your money management. Talk to friends, family, or experts who can actually help you, even if you don’t feel like you have enough money to ask. Without the fear and shame holding us back, what we can achieve is much more than we realize. 

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