What we Learned From Mom

by Meredith Morris

Financial Frequency. myFamily

May 8, 2020 . 3 min read

Hello, Momma! It’s that time of year where we take a day to celebrate the Mother figures in our lives. But, in our opinion, we should be celebrating them every day! Mother’s Day is very special to many people, mom’s included. 

What a great time for us to look at all the awesome things moms, grandmas, or that mother figure in your life has taught us. 

We learn a lot from our moms, like how to tie our shoes, how to pack our lunches, that secret family recipe, how to stay strong, how to show love, and so much more. They steer us through life in so many ways, and for many, moms are the ones we lean on most. 

But what do we learn from our mothers when it comes to money? Whether Mom was in charge of the money or not in your home, there are habits we take with us from watching our parents deal with money. 

Did Mom teach you to be frugal? Or teach you to always know what’s in your bank account? Maybe that credit cards aren’t a great idea? Or was she absent when it came to financial decisions, in turn making you feel like you never want to take a back seat with your money? Or she could have been the one in charge of everything, making you feel like you could rely on someone else to take care of you? 

See, there are so many different ways we can view how we think about our money from the lens of how we grew up with money. 

One thing we do know is that we are grateful. Grateful to all the mothers out there, including non-biological ones, who shaped us to be who we are. We are grateful to other moms -- like our sisters and friends who have recently had children, or your aunts who took special care of you when you were young, and your grandma who loved you unconditionally. We are so lucky to be surrounded by very special mother figures, and we want to show our gratitude.

Whether you’re a new mom yourself, your best friend just had a child, or your mom has found herself on a new path -- what better Mother’s Day gift to give than the gift of financial empowerment. 

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Happy Mother’s Day, ladies! Please share with us the stories of what you learned from your mother or mother figures and how they shaped your life!