4 Ways to Live Healthier That Won't Hurt The Wallet

by Ande Frazier

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May 13, 2019 .3 min read

This year for Women’s National Health Week we’ve compiled a list of ways you can live a healthy lifestyle without straining your wallet. From simple workouts online to DIY beauty products that we consider a must, we’ve got your covered this WNHW.

This week marks Women’s National Health Week.

Each year, millions of women take steps towards improving their health. We highlight that effort during National Women’s Health Week and also remind women how important it is to make their health a top priority. The 20th annual National Women’s Health Week kicked off this year on May 12 and will be celebrated through May 18, 2019.

Everyone’s journey to a healthy lifestyle is unique and personal. And while the journey is unique to each, it’s so important that we all find a way to take control of our overall health. So we’re sharing some of our favorites tips on how to be healthier, while still considering the impact it has on our wallet.

One of the biggest concerns surrounding living a healthier lifestyle is the rising cost of wellness. Dieting, workout classes, gym memberships, spa days, and even doctor’s visits are not cheap.

So how can we be healthier while still staying in our budget?

Working Out Online

We all could stand to be more active, but the prices of gym memberships and workout classes can be costly.

One of the best places you can go for workouts is YouTube. You can find anything you are looking for, from yoga, pilates, HIIT workouts, kickboxing, anything. And you can pick the exercises that fit your needs, whether that be time or intensity. We almost forgot the best part – it’s free!

Some of our favorite channels are Yoga with Adriene to bring on the zen, or POPSUGAR Fitness if you’re looking for more of a class type of feel.

Walking Meetings

Work feels like it takes up most of our time, and meetings are running our days. We found that a great way to still be productive and get your body moving is to start taking walking meetings.

Whether you’re walking around the office or taking advantage of the beautiful spring weather and walk outside, this is a great way to get out of your chair and get some steps in.

Start Cooking

We know, we know, you’ve heard this a million times. But it’s true, eating in really does help your budget along with your health. This way you have much more control over what goes into your body, and your spending less money at the same time. There are so many great resources to find healthy recipes online that don’t cost a thing.

DIY Beauty Products

So this falls more with the wellness side of things, but again, it’s great for the wallet. And what’s more organic or natural than making your own face mask? Elle compiled a great list of DIY facemasks that you’ll quickly fall in love with. Our personal favorite is the gentle hydrating face mask that only requires four ingredients that you most likely already have.

Know Your Network

This one is so important when you’re going to the doctor. Know what’s in-network for your insurance company.

In-network means that the provider is contracted with your health insurance company, so the rates are specific and pre-negotiated.

Out-of-network providers are not contracted with your health insurance provider so you can expect costs to be much more expensive.

Check out online or call ahead of your appointment to make sure you’re in-network. Your wallet will thank you.

National Women’s Health Week is a week where we simply choose to not only remind women about the importance of their health but to also acknowledge the effort made my millions of women, who continue to make their health a top priority.

Our health is so important, so let’s use this week to stay on top of our wellness. Please share your favorite health tips with us that have also been great for your budget!