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Our goal is to help open up the conversation around women and their money but we need your help. We are always looking for innovative and daring minds to share their story, lend an expert perspective, or simply write about something that matters to you.


We regularly publish pieces from experts who share our common belief that now is the time to talk about women and their money.

We encourage articles are insightful, creative, diverse, and inspire thinking that educates, informs, and moves the conversation forward.

Make it interesting and keep pushing the conversation forward. Money and personal wellbeing are tied together in so many ways that our readers are looking to explore.

Come up with a headline that will POP (we can help out here).

Wordcount should be between 500 -1000 words.

Author byline and bio that includes details on your expertise that makes it clear why your opinion on the topic should count to readers.

Unsure about what to write about? Pitch us your idea rather than write a full draft and we can give you feedback. Send us a 1-3 paragraph summary of the key points the story would cover and we will let you know what we think.

Send your submission to us in a format that’s easy to edit.

We get a ton of submissions so please be patient with us (we are still a small team).

note: At this time we are not accepting affiliate or sponsored links.


We believe in celebrating life's imperfections and encouraging long term growth and introspection. Translation: we're not going to tell you to ditch your avocado toast to meet your financial goals.